Saturday, 28 April 2012

The best dreams happen when you're awake

The best dreams happen when you're awake

This is a collage that I made a long time ago :) Do you like it? Do any of you do collages?
I used to enjoy the process of making them and I am thinking to go back to this hobby that's been abandoned for some time :) It's just another way to express yourself in an art form.
Have a beautiful weekend! x


  1. Beautiful!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. it's really awesome! love the colors!! great job!


  3. ari biju saslimusi ar polyvore , bet tam vajag laiku ! Ka ari es velejos kolazas izmantot pasas zimejumus un tas bija sarezgiti taja saita , es veletos kaut kur to visu pamacities !

    Lai Tev ari jaukas briivdienas :)

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for your comments on my blog and I'm following you now. Follow me back:) Have a wonderful day!


  5. skaisti...ļoti...kā tu to panāc??ieinteresēja... taisu kolāžas bet no papīra ar šķērēm un līmi... nekad ne virtuālajā pasaulē... nomierinoši iedvesmojoši un vienkārši jā relaksējošs process...ceru sagaidīt vairāk blogā...

  6. you made this collage? woww.. brilliant.. :) n rightly said :)

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Blog :)

    New Post is up- Zara, UCB and Kiehl's: A craze


  7. Thanks for your comment!!!
    Do you want to follow each otehr¿?

  8. Amazing collage! I love all the colors you have used! :)

    Now following your blog dear, if you like follow me too! :)

    Kisses Camilla

  9. It's gorgeous! I love making collages too :)

    Have a fabulous start to the week, sweetie! xoxo

  10. I love collages and that one is great!

  11. fabulous collage and no i don't really make them myself, but i can appreciate the work you put into it, because it does look kind of hard :)

    to answer your questions: i use a nikon d60, which is pretty old and could upgrade to a better one i think. and yes i do upload to photobucket! i was getting a lot of views on my photos so i had to pay for an account (thought its cheap). otherwise its free :)

  12. This is such a whimsical photo you created!! So pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  13. I love it, digital design is lots of fun and a great creative outlet.


  14. I've never done a lot of digital collages, only when I post about runway shows. I love cutting pics from magazines and doing craft collages, though. I just saw some of your older posts, you're so pretty!

    xo Joana

  15. This is a REALLY lovely collage hun, I've never really taken it upon myself to indulge in this craft but schooling has made me dip my hands in it haha. I've never been fantastic but since theres a new project up and (yet again) a board needs to made I think I'll take inspiration off your lovely piece ^^ So thankyouuuuu!

    Eeli xo

  16. yes! its very cool. I love making collages and vision boards- it helps me gather my thoughts as well. thanks for sharing this :)


  17. I enjoy making collage. It's nice and I liked yours. I like to creat collage on Polyvore, creating sets. It's awesome. I loved the title of yours.
    Have a great weekend <3

  18. Wow this collage is stunning!! I've never made one, but now I'm inspired to do so!


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  20. I love this! I appreciate different forms of art. I used to love drawing and haven't done it for quite some time. I don't have as much free time anymore. Keep doing your have a special talent!


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